Triple-A Management
Management, Marketing and Representation Services.

Triple-A Management was established to assist foreign firms in entering the Japanese market, or dealing with Japanese partners.

Management and Marketing Services

Many foreign firms cannot afford – or do not wish - to incur the cost of sending their managers overseas to perform marketing or feasibility studies, or to solve management problems specific to the local environment. Costs of such missions are high, and the efficiency of the people sent is limited: culture gap and language problems, limited knowledge of local business practices, difficult access to relevant sources of information and advice.

“Our products are good, and we feel Japan is an important potential market: how to evaluate the potential? Which business route, distribution channel or appropriate agent to select?”

“We have a subsidiary in Japan, and its cash drain is out of proportion with profit expectancies: how to smoothly reduce personnel cost, relocate, diversify?”

“We intend to be present in Japan, but wish to limit our commitment to an agreement with a local partner: how to keep control of business activities, costs, image and patent protection, margins and final prices?”

“We decided to have our own office in Japan: what is the most appropriate legal structure, management staff, company working rules, office location, setting-up and running costs?”

Such issues and others are handled and solved by Triple-A Management for various industries and services.

Representation and Sales Services

Costs of setting-up and operating a subsidiary in Japan are very high.

Many companies cannot afford them yet, or any longer.

Triple-A Management offers its infrastructure, know-how and taylor-made Representation Services.

They range from mere ‘mailbox’ functions such as tel/fax/address, up to the full range of Representation Services with specialized technical and sales staff. We may draw up gradual expansion schemes according to goals and available budget. We ensure a distinct corporate identity in Japan for our clients.

The Activities

We are introducing on the Asian market a high-end reliable hand sanitizer, made in Belgium. It is already a huge success in Europe and expectations are high in Japan and Asia. Please check our “Activities” page.

The Office

We are conveniently located in Yotsuya 3-chome, in the very center of Tokyo, within a few paces of major subway and train connections. Our bright and pleasant office is equipped with state-of-the-art IT technologies.

The staff

Besides all being fluent in Japanese and English, our staff also speaks French, Chinese or Dutch. It is highly trained for handling various businesses and work in an international environment.

Executive staff

Fabrice D. Tilot, President

Fabrice Tilot has degrees (engineering and M.B.A.) from Solvay Business School, Brussels University.
He has a widely international background, and speaks fluent French, English, Dutch and Japanese.
He has been Chief Representative in Japan of a major Belgian group for 2 years.
He then set up, managed and developed the Japan subsidiary of a Dutch industrial conglomerate for 4 years, before starting Triple-A Management in 1993.
He is also President of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan.



Isobe Bldg. 7F, Samoncho 13, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0017, Japan
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