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Triple-A Management was established to assist foreign firms in entering the Japanese market, or dealing with Japanese partners.

New and revolutionary hand-sanitizer for
public spaces and crowded areas

We are currently promoting on the Japanese market a disinfection device made in Belgium.
It already is a huge success in Belgium, with first exports to the UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Asia.
We are supplying Ikea, all Decathlon shops in Belgium (about 50 machines), markets and supermarkets, factories, gas stations, hospitals, Red Cross, airports, schools, universities, festivals, post offices and ward offices.
We also have been approached by our Prime Minister office and several public municipalities.
We are now approaching large retail chains, high-end shops, building owners, public institutions in Japan, for town and ward offices, train and subway stations, post offices, medical facilities, etc.
Although this whole project only started in March 2020, we have already sold hundreds of machines worldwide.
We of course patented the technology, and have obtained the EU certification (tested and approved by world-renowned testing organisation SGS).

As a first glimpse, please refer to the link or one of our multiple references for the national Belgian Post Office.

We remain available for any further references, information material and personal meeting which you could require. We all have to move fast in these COVID-19 times, to keep people safe and ensure reviving mobility as soon as possible!

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